Barn Construction Techniques – Take Your Pick

November 8, 2017 Posted by kyu7

There are many different ways and techniques in which barn construction can be done. These depend on the availability of materials, the use to which the building is put, the spending capacity of the builder, ethnicity of the builder, and the local geographical conditions. Some of the main types of construction techniques include the post and beam, the pole, the western barn garage, the monitor and modern barns.

You would have to choose the most appropriate one from these different techniques depending on your resources, needs and budget. Let us briefly examine some of the major techniques.

Post and Beam

A post and beam type of construction can be said to be the strongest and best of the techniques. This construction technique is centuries old. Buildings built over a hundred years ago using this technique are still existing. This type of construction involves using a framework of vertical timbers called posts and horizontal timbers called beams. The framework pieces are joined by mortise and tenon joints. It is visually appealing and has a solid appearance.

This construction allows the use of full pieces of wood instead of plywood or simple two by fours. This makes the structure much stiffer compared to the ones made using basic house building techniques. Due to this, it is especially suited to making large buildings like a barn.

Another advantage of a post and beam type of building is that it allows optimum utilization of existing space to create a structure tailor made to your needs. Your building would not only exceed specifications, but also provides you with ample room to shelter your horses, tack and supplies without constricting space.

A post and beam structure is also of the traditional style and has got an intangible quality which horse lovers look for. This is also probably one of the reasons for its popularity.

Pole Barn

Another popular technique is the pole barn. This is a building with poles fixed in the ground for supporting the walls, roof and floor framing. Usually, these types of buildings have a gravel or dirt floor, but a concrete floor can be added either before or after the construction of the main building.

It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive building construction techniques in the world. It is very popular as an agricultural storage building and also as a mainstream method in many developing countries.

Combined with modern materials, present day pole barns have been made much tougher and versatile than their predecessors.

The Western Barn Garage

The western barn garage is usually larger than similar buildings, and is popular with farmers with large livestock herds. This is because they require a large storage space for hay and grain, which these buildings provide. Besides storage space, livestock can also be kept in them. A typical feature of a western garage is the large peak roof which reaches almost to the ground, creating adequate space.

The Monitor

Among the other techniques is the monitor barn which comprises of a wooden building with a raised ceiling in the middle which is used for sheltering horses and other livestock. The raised ceiling is used as a hayloft or for storing other equipments.

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